CloudAI Clinical Information System

As Hong Kong local software provider,we are proud to be
a listed vendor under Hong Kong Hospital Authority.

Company Background

OR MEDIA LIMITED, established in 2017, is a Hong Kong based software development company that focuses on providing next generation software solution to medical institutions.

Our vision is to revolutionize medical diagnosis and doctor-patient communication through Information Technology, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Our products provide a vertically integrated stack that integrates traditional medical equipments, light-weight diagnostic machines and next-gen patient wearables, combine with cloud based AI / ML layer, we allow practitioners to provide remote medical assistance to patients in need.

What is RazorFish

RazorFish is a fully customizable Virtual Clinical Information System that integrates information from medical professionals, devices, and other data sources.

Deployed in Hong Kong in 2017, our system doesn’t only work out of the box, we can commit to fully customizing our software to cater to your regular practice.

We can customize our system to have the same interfaces and layouts as your current practice, seamless integrate into your existing workflow, and minimize the learning curve after deployment.

Our system can retrieve data from different medical devices by different manufacturers, including Dräger, Philips, Siemens, GE, and then we export the data to web forms, PDFs, Excels, all to your specifications.


“Plug and play Patient information system for
hospital medical centers, and clinics.”